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Think. Create. Iterate.

We help startups reach milestone goals whether its a need for an engineer for interim or a team for ongoing support. Redeye Studio provides on-demand design and development services for you. Let's get you to that next milestone or scale your project.

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A talented team

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Mark Monroe
Managing General Partner
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Amit Pal
VP, Software Engineering
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Che Davis
Executive Director, Digital|Media
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Allyson Henry
Partner, Strategic Development
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Yujin Ghim
VP, Business Development
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Omar Palacios
Executive Director, Security|Falco
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Steve Arcenio
Creative Director at X Studios
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Brea Davis
Partner, Innovation Center
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Cos Roberts
Partner, Strategic Advising
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Nia Costello
Director of Marketing|PR

We're a team of skilled professionals, always striving for the best solution. We think big, and make clients successful.